Dental Procedures

Getting braces, implants, crowns, cleaning or any kind of treatment or procedure to preserve perfect white teeth to have a shining bright healthy smile can get very expensive if you live in the US, spending thousands of dollars in dental insurance and plans, and even more if you don’t possess any of it, leaving many people worried about their dental healthcare.

For this and many more reasons people from all over the country, including Canada are opting to go on a “dental tour”, that saves them a lot of money traveling to the beautiful town of Tijuana in Mexico, to get the same quality of service they expect from home at ridiculously discounted prices, spending 30% of what they would have if they get the treatment at their local dentist.

The list of dental procedure people can get with Tijuana dentist is pretty extensive, and impressive to say the least, because is so incredible and amazing how you can get your dental done so close to the US and so cheap! so that’s why we have prepared a list of some of the most common procedures that more of 3000 people that cross the border everyday get to save 50% to 70% of their money.

Dental Implants

Los Algodones dental implants

The procedure itself is really simple; the dentist makes sure the patient is a proper candidate to place the dental implant(s) after a series of test and examinations, for example x-rays and reviewing their medical and dental history. Once the patient is eligible for the procedure the surgery will commence, placing the dental implant into the bone with the help of local anesthetic that makes the procedure completely painless.

After approximately four months of healing, the implant will fuse with the bone naturally, then the dentist can attach the post that support the crown that will replace the missing tooth or teeth, if that’s the case, for this procedure local anesthetic is also used to minimize any pain. The advantages of this procedure apart of improving the appearance and confidence, can improve chewing and speech problems too, also taking good care of your dental implants can make them last a lifetime.

A person in the United States can spend $5000 getting dental implants, making it one of the most expensive procedures a human being can get in the country, in contrast to Tijuana, where any costumer can get the same quality of services for less than a thousand dhllars.

All on 4 Dental Implants

The All on 4 is a dental technic which the primary objective is to replace missing teeth. The procedure consist: the dentist placing four dental implants, usually made from titanium, into the jawbone to support an entire bridge, making it a permanent solution for gaining some everlasting good looking and functional teeth, differencing from the dentures that can attach and detach itself from the patient mouth.

Some of the advantages of this simply procedure are that the patient avoids unnecessary cost of getting several individual dental implants for each missing tooth they want to replace, and as we mentioned before, they aren’t removable, so the person can eat and smile without having to worry that the implants will fall down.

The maintenance is pretty low actually, the artificial teeth can be cleaned like regular teeth, so the patient doesn’t have to take it off or anything else to clean it, but they certainly have to go at least once a year to the dentist to clean them regularly. The duration of this implant last around 10 years, proportioning great stability compared to the traditional denture prosthetics.

Los algodones allon4

Root Canal treatments

Endodontic therapy or more commonly known as root canal treatment, is a procedure that seeks to save the natural look and functionality, and relieving the pain in a tooth caused by damage done by cavities, cracks, fractures, gum disease, among many others causes, these can cause inflammation to the pulp inside the tooth and possible infections that affects it and cause pain as well as spreading to adjacent tissues.

Los Algodones root canal

The procedure is really simple, it takes roughly 30 minutes and is nearly painless, the dentist starts by applying an injection of local anesthesia near to the tooth affected, in some cases they can use a topical anesthesia to numb the site of the injection and make it completely painless, then the specialist uses a drill to clear the cavity of the tooth and then proceeds to extract the pulp and disinfect the root canal. Finally he fills the tooth to cover it using a thermoplastic material or a crown to leave it like new.

In the States the procedure for itself can cost you to $1300 without counting the filling or the crown, but in Tijuana, Mexico, you can expect to pay between $180 to $300 for high quality Endodontic treatment done by professionals dentist who can speak English fluently, are prepared in the US and also work with the American Dental Association Standards

Root Canal treatments

Dentures are one of the common artificial prosthesis fabricated by dentists to replace patient missing teeth; they are made from several materials like thermoplastic or acrylic components and even metal, but those last ones are really outdated and not recommended at all for a dental prosthesis. Dentures are really comfortable because of the low costs and are easy to put it on and off.

Besides their installation is really easy, the dentist takes an impression of the patient teeth, and with it creates a mold to make the denture according to their preference and budget, normally they attach to the mouth naturally through the gums or the teeth, in some especial cases the patient can need a surgery to support the denture completely.

Getting dentures in Tijuana can cost you way less than purchasing them the United States and Canada, most of the dentist in the town have the knowledge necessary and the equipment up to date, fulfilling the American Dental Association standards, to make top quality dentures for more than 3000 people that cross the US border to step in the dental capital of the world to get their dental work done by professionals.

Los Algodones Dentures

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth can become a serious nuisance after arriving to the adulthood, they often bring pain and discomfort to the patient due to the fact that they can grow in the wrong direction, colliding and damaging the neighboring teeth, in the worst case scenario they can crook heavily all the teeth of the person, affecting the bite considerably.

Los Algodones Wisdom Teeth

Other affection wisdom teeth can cause are infections, because being the third molar and being located so far, it can be very difficult to brush and clean them effectively, accumulating plaque and bacteria, so many dentists suggest that is very wise to remove them as soon as possible.

But extracting the wisdom teeth is not always a priority, which is why your dentist has to make sure that the molars are growing accordingly and have enough space to develop before committing to the procedure, to do this, the specialist will review the case and will use x-rays to judge if the extraction is imminent.

The procedure of extraction is not painful at all as many people think, that is only a common misconception, and Tijuana dentists are very capable to provide you a high quality service, some of the best specialists in town got their degree in universities in the States and make refreshment courses regularly, fulfilling US standard in their practice, and speaking fluent English to communicate perfectly with their patients.

Dental Bridges

In case a person is missing one or more adjacent teeth is better to choose a dental bridge prosthetic to avoid leaving a gap that can lead to severe consequences such as mandibular joint dysfunction or gum disease, because the remaining teeth will move and rotate, causing occlusion between them, increasing the risk of suffering one of the scenarios mentioned above.

The procedure begins by preparing the abutments, which are the teeth that will act as a pillar to support the bridge, then the dentist will take an impression of the patient bite for purpose of designing a custom bridge that feels his or her needs, finally the bridge will consist of a structure formed of one or more artificial teeth anchored to the teeth to the side of the missing tooth.

One of the best parts of getting a dental bridge is that it doesn’t require any kind of surgery, making it one of the less invasive choices to restore missing teeth to preserve a beautiful healthy smile, the procedure is done in minutes and doesn’t need much time to recover. If it takes care correctly, a dental bridge can last 10 years easily, also remember to consult your dentist in Tijuana to get the best type and material bridge recommended for you.

Los algodones Dental Bridges

Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is a method used by dentist that consist in using natural bone graft from bone tissue from the body or synthetic material that are biocompatible with the patient. This procedure is used for preparing the jawbone for installing dental implants in case it has lost density; this is often caused by the loss of teeth, leaving a gap that will cause a loss of volume because the bone will slowly reabsorb itself.

Los Algodones Bone Grafts

There are many types of graft that can be used to return the jawbone to an optimal height and width, one of it consist in taking the bone graft from the patient chin or jaw to avoid the risk of rejection, on the other hand the bone graft can be obtained from a donor, but if the patient wishes, the graft can be made from biocompatible plastic to get the job done.

The procedure itself is quick and painless and the recovery can take up to six months, during that time, the patient have to remember to follow any indication the dentist gives to assure a total recovery of the treatment. As for Tijuana dentist prices it can cost roughly $70 in comparison to the States that the cost is between $150 and $300.

Composite Filling

The use of composite filling in dentistry in these days is miles away from what it used to be. Thanks to the advance of technology and science now the components to make the composite can replicate the consistency and resistance of a natural tooth, usually made from a mixture of plastic and glass, making it easy to mold and sculpt, ideal to replicate the color and shape too of any tooth.

The procedure is made by a dentist, which consist in treating the cavities first, completely removing them from the tooth in question, and then carefully mixing the composite filling to then applying it in layers, procuring hardening each one using a special light to do so until he or she reach the last layer, carving and polishing it to make the final touches to the tooth.

Dentist in Tijuana, following US Standards, suggests that the patient has to avoid consuming drinks that can potentially ruin the results of the treatment like coffee or sodas within 24 after leaving the clinic.

Los Algodones Composite Filling

Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery compound a large range of complex procedures to restore not only functionality, but a esthetics as well of the mouth, jaw, face, or neck, this will depends on the case specifically that presents the patient when he or she arrives to the dentist’s office, where they will receive a full review to analyze the case properly.

The causes that can origin the need for a surgery can comprehend a variety of pathologies or accident that can affect the aforementioned areas of the anatomy, it’s very important that the dentist counts with the experience and team to make the correct diagnosis and tackle the problem right away, ensuring the patient well being, making sure that he or she can recover the functionality and confidence any time they smile again.

Los Algodones Maxillofacial Surgery

Some of the procedures that the maxillofacial surgery covers, among many others, are a simple tooth extraction, full mouth reconstruction, dentoalveolar surgery and periodontics, Crani-maxillofacial trauma, an oral pathology, pre-prosthetic surgery and implants, such as bone grafting, correction of the jaw and occlusion problems.

Luckily for many US and Canadian citizens, they don’t have to waste an obscene quantity of money to receive the help of the best specialist, in Tijuana, Mexico there are more than 350 professional dentists, trained in the States, in prestigious schools like the university of Harvard in Boston, and with a team that speaks fluent English, will provide the same quality of service as you would expect back home for very discounted prices, just crossing the border.

Teeth Whitening

Undoubtedly one of the most popular procedures among the patients, and is understandable, who doesn’t want to have a shiny white smile that can compete with celebrities like actors, musicians and models we see every day in TV and magazines? But one of the downsides is that this necessary treatment can get too expensive in the United States, making people worry if it really worth getting it.

And this makes them seek for over the counter products that promise immediate results, but little do they know some of those products do more harm to the teeth and gums, causing irritation and hypersensitivity. If you want to get the best results you should seek the help of a professional dentist, and in Tijuana just happen to have the best dentist of the continent with unbeatable prices.

And you can get different types of whitening, the traditional method using a gel containing components such as hydrogen peroxide, which removes stains from the tooth enamel, this whitening can take few appointments and its effects are immediately visible and long-lasting. Another method is by laser, using more advance technology and equipment to get the job done quicker and without any kind of side effects.

Los Algodones Teeth Whitening


Veneers can be seen as shells or thin covers glued permanently to the one or many teeth to cover up imperfections such as dents, cracks, or stains to create perfect white teeth, leaving the patient with a nice attractive smile that will captivate the attention of the general public, Tijuana dentist prices for this simply cosmetic procedure comes around $160 to $275 depending of the material.

Los algodones Veneers

The procedure itself is really quick and easy to do; the dentist has to treat any health problem the tooth may have before filling or reconstructing the teeth affected, and then proceeds to remove about a millimeter of the enamel before applying special glue to the sit to fit the veneer, usually made of porcelain or resin, permanently to the each tooth. It’s important to remember that an impression is necessary to customize the veneers for the patient.

Veneers are a practical solution to give patients a natural look to their teeth, making them look whiter, larger, prettier, helping them to fill the gap between them, covering fractures, and in some cases if a tooth is too short or have a strange form, the veneer will correct the shape and restore a beautiful healthy smile that will restore the patient confidence immediately.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are the ideal solution to replace damaged teeth that are in a state where there is no hope for any kind of restoration; they can be placed directly on the damaged tooth to cover stains or little crack, and to support other prosthesis as well. Most common crowns are made of porcelain, zirconium and porcelain on motel to give a pleasant and natural look and feel to the tooth, difference in the material lies in the durability, strength and finishing of the crown.

The procedure to place a dental crown on an affected tooth begins when the dentist carve the piece that will be hosting the crown; then proceeds to remove any decay, stains and repairing any fissure. In case the root is really damaged, the dentist will perform a root canal treatment to prevent any future problem that may cause pain to the patient, and then the specialist takes an impression of the filed tooth and nearby teeth, to make the final crown customized, until then, a temporary acrylic crown is placed for it.

Patients doesn’t have to worry for the procedure to be painful, because it’s performed under local anesthesia through the duration of the entire work, prices in Tijuana, Mexico are dirty cheap, costing $160 up to $450 depending on the material of the crown of choice, and the patient can expect the same quality as in the States.

Los Algodones Dental Crowns


Orthodontics can be performed by a professional dentist, installing braces and retainers to help their patients to correct problems with the alignment of the teeth or other problems such as an uneven development of the jaw, irregular tooth growth, or some trauma caused by an accident. Orthodontics is performed most of the times for aesthetic reasons, mostly on children and teenagers, but adults can need the use of braces or retainers to deal with crooked teeth.

Los Algodones Orthodontics

With the advances in development for modern dentistry, braces can now be fixed, semi-fixed, or removable, the dentist will review the mouth of the patient to help them in their choice of opting for the best device possible, because truth is that braces and retainers, comes in many sizes, materials, so it is recommended to thrust your dentist opinion to guarantee an excellent result after the treatment.

In Tijuana, any person thinking of getting orthodontics doesn’t have to worry about the quality or the procedure, most of the dentist that practices in this town, are well prepared, fulfilling US standards to satisfy their customer needs, even in some clinics you can get invisible braces at a very discounted prices compared to the States and Canada, saving even 70% in the procedure.